To all the peoples who have enduring something and don`t give up.
– You are a hero-

– remain enduring –

Look on the goal, on your dream, go step by step and stay on the road.
We all have something we go through, wheter it is big or seems small;  wheter it`s an outside thing or an “inside-the-heart-thing”.
It`s not that my thing is more important than yours. Every thing counts. You may never know what your next people is going through – and because of this, may we stay kind to one another.

May we be the one who encourage our next person and take care of him or her.
May we be the one who shows them her dreams when they forget to dream.
May we be the one who help them to not give up.
May we be the one who shows them the light when they are in darkness.

And may we be also kind to ourself, we all have some days that are not our best ones… but there will be come better days.

Wherever you are and whatever you go through – remain endure.
You will make it, you will go through – He is with you and He will go through these times at your side. Because He loves you. And what matter to you, it matter to Him.

So don`t forget to dream.

Don`t forget your dream.

Remain enduring.


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